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Message from the Director
Greetings from Imani family!
The year started will a lot of tense following the post election violence but we
remained focused on our vision – to contribute into a society where all children will
lead a dignified existence with just and equal access to opportunities in life.
As for Imani, some of the program areas were affected especially our outreach
program. Due to problems in transport and in the market, accessing food for the
children was a bit hard. Food costs were equally high as a result of high demand
coupled with low supply.

As a result some of our activities were delayed by the fact that we could not be able
to access some areas. However, after the situation stabilized we were able to
continue with our work. Through Kenya Red Cross Society we were able to work
with the affected families and children. In our after Imani boys project we were able
to rescue 3 homeless families for a period of 7 months before going back to their

So many families that were affected by the crashes also came to seek for help. It was
challenging getting a way to help them because they were in massive numbers.
However a networking system within civil societies and the community at large we
were able bring a smile to a good number of them.
We managed to make a difference in the lives of many children in our centers and
many families in the community. We supported children through child protection
activities, education, primary health care, and lobbying for their support in general.
Through adoption the process of adoption, a total of 15 children joined new families,
67 children also went back to the community through family re- unions. Many small
babies were abandoned and there is a day that five babies were brought from
different police stations after being abandoned by unknown parents. In total we
rescued 69 new children into our program. Their age ranged from a day old to 3
years. This is a clear indication of the much work that is still unaccomplished in the

Last year 2008 we did a lot of awareness creation in our communities on different
issues related to children. We also had families empowerment programs in which we
strengthened affected family units to be in a position to provide to their families as
opposed to having them join the streets if not orphanages.

Among our draw backs, was shortage of funds as one of our major donor was not
able to raise the requested budget for Imani. This therefore called for suspension of
some of the planned activities. The shortage was by Kshs 1.5 M and was really a
challenge on how to make up for the shortage on top of unfunded budget.
I am forwarding this important document to you – an annual report indicating what
we did through you and others in 2008.We are really appreciating all our donors,
Partners, well wishers and all our stakeholders at all the different levels for all the
support they accorded us throughout the year 2008 and for all the areas that we
were able to network. For sure were it not for your various inputs we could not have
made it this far. We are also looking forward for your continued cooperation and
support as we strive to ‘contribute into a society in which all children will lead a
dignified existence with equal and just access to opportunities in life’. Wishing you a
blessed new year 2009.

Yours sincerely,