Het volledige jaarverslag 2012 kunt u hier lezen

INTRODUCTION For over twenty years Imani Rehabilitation Agency has provided a stable environment with an attitude of achievement for children who have been abandoned, neglected, lost, orphaned and abused to providing primary health care, quality education and parental care and guidance to these children. Imani sits on the pillars of integrity, commitment and perseverance in this ever dynamic world. We pursue to protect our children and ensure that they become the objects of change in the society. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR Imani Rehabilitation Agency enjoyed another year of exciting developments as the agency’s management and staff worked together to ensure every child has a loving home in which to thrive in. The 10th March 2012 was a moment of pride to the entire Imani fraternity as we witnessed two of our children gets married in a very colorful occasion in Nairobi. On the same date we graced the 20th anniversary which was attended by friends both locally and internationally. It turned out to be an emotional reunion for children who had passed through Imani with most of them being significantly successful in their field of practice. We indeed felt the sweetness of the fruits of our toil. Four of our children who sat for their final primary examinations performed well and secured positions in secondary schools, also one of our children who had been at home awaiting enrollment after secondary joined a course in Hotel Management. We secured a partnership with a new donor who pledged to cover our educational cost for 2013. To enhance better understanding of Imani departments we came up with departmental manuals which gave a clear outline of the activities involved. As the year came to a close we shared our bundles of joy as we celebrated Christmas in Imani B. We had a lovely time with our friends and local donors. We would like to appreciate every individual, corporate and the community who made it possible for us to achieve our goals.