The need to invest in children has a very strong justification. For the prosperity of the society, children play a very significant role in perpetuating its existence. Without them, the society ceases to exist. In this regard, the prosperity of the society has social, political and economic perspectives, which must be nurtured in the context of a stable democracy. Within a democratic society, the rights of every individual are paramount and this is the reason both the laws of Kenya, such as the Constitution and Children’s Act, and the international laws, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the AU Children’s Charter, provide special protections to children.
Through domestic and international laws, children are endowed with certain rights, which are essential human rights for persons of their age: amongst which are the right to parental care, the right to good health, the right to education, the right to culture and religion, and the right to socialise. Kenya is one of the democracies around the world where children are given equal opportunities. However, due to many socioeconomic challenges, many children are disadvantaged and lack the opportunity to live dignified lives and have bright futures. Taking into consideration their full dependency and vulnerability, if left unassisted, children are exposed to the vagaries of social, political and economic turmoil. The most affected are children who are abandoned, those whose parents are imprisoned, those who are disabled, and those from destitute and dysfunctional families.
Therefore, it is with immense pride that Imani is witnessing the impact of its intervention among its children. Children who lacked opportunities to grow in a dignified environment can now look into the future with bright faces. This continues to be possible with the collaboration and support of our donors, volunteers, employees, and friends, who have made Imani to be a home for many would be vulnerable children. Your engagement with us has given our children a new lease of life, but the work is not yet over as we still have children in need. God bless you.
Thank you,
Ms Faith Imani
Director of Imani

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