We cannot say it enough how the children are the most important factors in the future of the world. The foundation of a person’s health and future lies in early childhood which is the most opportune time to break the cycle of poverty, or even prevent it from the start is during that time. All children have the right to be raised in a family unit, to have access to health care, good nutrition, education and a good social environment that they feel protected and happy in and not discriminated or abused in. They deserve an environment that assists them and allows them to reach their full potential. At Imani we continue to impact our children with values and opportunities that will have a positive impact for them and the society tomorrow.
Despite the challenges we experienced through the year, Imani had a great year and many of our year objectives were achieved. The support we receive from partners, donors, volunteers, employees and friends is invaluable to Imani and together we will continue with our commitment to improving the health, welfare and future hopes of children. Investing In the children is investing in our society’s future.
Thank you for your generous and continued support
Yours Sincerely
Ms Faith Imani Imani Director

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