Volunteer duties and responsibilities


1.    Serving and supervision of the children feeding and observing on their table manners and guiding them as required.

2.    Assisting in Washing children clothes

3.    Assisting in social work related activities when need arises.

4.    Cleaning of the children toilets

5.    Accompanying children to hospital or any other place as assigned by your supervisor.

6.    Folding clothes and keeping all drawers neat and in order.

7.    Loving and playing with the children with their toys and ensuring that they are returned to their respective area for safety.

8.    Ensuring cleanliness and neatness of the children/babies and maintaining hygiene of the environment.

9.    Assist in serving children food.

10.Assist and supervising children wash and clean their chairs, tables and table mats.

11.Clean or sweep the hall after the children meals.

12.Accompanying children to and from school.

13.Taking children lunch to school at 12.30 when called upon

14.Supervise children bath, oiling and dressing up for them to be smart and clean. Make the exercise for the children to be lovely and enjoyable by providing them with warm water and other requirement that you feel they may need.

15.Supervise brushing of children teeth every morning.

16.Planning recreation activities for the children within the home.

17.Teach the children informal learning for those who are still under preparation to join formal learning in schools i.e. drawing and colorings.

18.Assisting in the animal and poultry farm when assigned.

19.Cleaning of the compound

20.Gardening of our flower garden and vegetable and banana farm.

21.Any other duty assigned to you from time to time.


N/B during your internship /volunteer ship you shall be expected to work in any of the above duties to familiarize yourself on the work.


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