Education program


At the beginning we had set different objectives towards this project. We also set up internal monitoring to help us evaluate our progress and the strength of indicators.
Our overall objectives are:
A. Enrolling 200 children in primary, secondary and tertiary education.
B. Facilitating learning materials
C. Offering library services to our children to enhance the reading culture
D. Strengthening the tuition program through evening tuition
E. Offering computer training to the children to promote competence in the area of technology
F. Education guidance and counseling and career planning


After we set out our objectives we had to accompany them with a clear execution plan for us to see the results in time.
A. 200 Imani children were enrolled in 34 different schools. The schools are from primary, secondary and tertiary level. Several of our handicapped children are in special schools like for example: Kwale school for mentally handicapped. The children in the primary and secondary schools are divided into private and public schools. In tertiary level we have children in technical schools, School for tourism, Media school, Medical schools, Nairobi Aviation School etc. and university.
B. We provided the children with school uniforms, shoes and bags, and other necessary learning materials and paid school fees for the children in the program. The library is also equipped with books of all needs. They mostly use them for homework, personal reading or further reference and research.
C. We clustered the children into small groups for tuition programs after school to enhance effectiveness in learning. We also employed extra education officers to monitor the children during tuition.
D. All school going children in all the Imani branches from first grade have been introduced to computer learning. They are basically taught on the basics of computer operations, typing and saving documents. All these are done under the supervision of the education tutor.
E. Education guidance, counseling and career planning are done jointly by the education officers and our social workers.
Education guidance is a developmental process that facilitates the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge to help students better understand themselves, explore viable education and career options, make informed decisions, and develop plans to achieve their career aspirations.


Improved school performance
We have since seen a steady improvement of our children performance in comparison to the previous academic year. This has been enhanced by the constant supportive program.
a. Initiating assignments by the education officer. This helps us to know on the weak points of an individual child academically.
b. Cross checking all assignments and other exercises issued by the teachers at school.
c. Supervising, assessing and evaluating each child’s performance.
d. From last term we have registered a great change towards handling of homework and performance because in all the centers we have implemented: close-monitoring, extension of tuitions time and supervision was strengthened at all angles.

As a result the school heads have been reporting good performance on our children both in exams and participation in class compared to other children from outside Imani.

  • The educational officer has rely embarked on regular basis of school follow ups .During this period our children have really improved constantly in the following levels.
    Child performance in school– In these areas our children have improved as most of them have above pass marks during the last exams. In this regards some school have appointed our children to be class monitors.
  • Degree of discipline – we have realized that our children have registered a high level of discipline both in school and at home.
  • Personal hygiene– this was really encouraged to our children and they have shown great changes towards hygiene.
    Number of children enjoying the right to education
    235 Imani children are enrolled in different schools. Thanks to the availability of funds they have access to schools that fit their needs, quality and wishes.
    Number of children accessing library and computer services
    Extra education officers were employed with the result that more Imani children are trained on computers and have access to library services.
    Number of children that pass their exams and number of children that find jobs
    The results of exams will be known at the end of the year. The number of children who will benefit from these funds will be reported in the coming years as they are still in colleges and universities.
    Growth in self esteem
    Most children are in schools that fit their needs and capacity. This makes them feel more in place and appreciated also better performance in school leads to high self-esteem.

There is a range of different performers for different children in the centers. Some are excellent others are average performers while others don’t reflect encouraging grades. To increase self esteem we constantly assist them through motivational tours.

In conclusion, we have registered an encouraging change in the education department with many of the children improving in their performance in all the branches. The trend is expected to even advance in the remaining period of the year.
We also wish to thank you for the helping hand you have put in the lives of our children.



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