International volunteer program Imani

International volunteer jobs availble

Imani Rehabilitation Agency is the whole year in need of international volunteers, who help Imani to take care of the 350 children. As a charity organisation without income, Imani is depending on donors, donations in kind and volunteers. Do you want to support us?

Volunteership for minimal 4 weeks or longer:

Volunteers who would like to work for Imani Rehabilitation Agency for a period of one month or longer have to write an application including a CV to  in Kenya 

Housing: in Nairobi you will be housed in the Imani volunteer house in the Greenspan estate in Donholm see:  you have to share the house with more volunteers.

The housing and the main part of the food is provided against a monthly rate of 300 Euro’s or 10 Euro’s a day.

You have to pay for your own ticket, visa (50 dollar) and insurances which are obliged.

 Internet/WIFI: available in the volunteer house

Visas for 3 months or less: to work as a volunteer in Imani you need to obtain a visa when you arrive at the airport in Nairobi which will cost you 40 Euro or 50 dollar. Do not forget to bring this money with you.

Insurances:  You are obliged to insure yourself against health problems and travel problems likes thefts etc.

Vaccinations: You are advised to get several vaccinations for Kenya. Please contact your GGD or a travel clinic.

Working hours:  8 hours a day during the weekdays.

Transport: The Imani volunteer house is 15 minutes from Imani. You will be trained the first week how to take a Matatu (minibus) to reach the workplace.

For more information see Imani policy for volunteers, volunteer duties and responsibilities and volunteer testimony.