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Message from Director’s Desk
Greetings from Imani family!
It is my pleasure to inform you that we have came to the end of year 2009 successfully.
During the year we remained more focused on our vision- to contribute into a society
where all children will lead a dignified existence with just and equal access to
opportunities in life. This year we experienced peaceful environment unlike the previous
years and thus our programs were not affected much by political hiccups.
High cost of living has been a global phenomenon; here at imani it has hit us with full
force since majority of our programs depends on consumable goods. Food stuffs cost was
very high making us spend huge amount on these items. Majority of the areas that serve
as national food basket were the most hit by the 2007/2008 post election violence. As a
result majority of these areas had not yet stabilized to be in a position to produce enough
food for the country. Rains were also unreliable especially in the first half of the year and
thus vast of our people had no food. Faced with the above challenges we had to mobilize
our big children – above 14 years to participate in fasting ( only 1 breakfast in a week) to
save food baskets to feed few people. Something the children embraced with good spirit.
We also mobilized our local market sellers to be giving us food baskets once in a week
and which made them more involved in the program activities.
Our reintegration program was a success story in the year. 41 Children were reunited
with their families in different parts of the country, and 25 children were adopted. During
year 2009 we registered the highest number of adoptions and all were local adoptions.
This was quite commendable and sign that the society owns these children. This has been
attributed to lobbying and awareness campaign of sensitizing the community that the best
place for a child is a family as opposed to institution.
Throughout the year, we continued to reinforce our networking tools by working closely
with the Government of Kenya, through the provincial administration and other state
organs. Locally we also worked hard to establish cordial relation ships with other civil
societies and the cooperate sector.
Healthy care has been a major challenge in sub Saharan Africa and especially tropical
counties. We have worked tirelessly hard to ensure our children are disease free by
having high standards of hygiene and baby immunization where applicable.
Unfortunately 4 of our children have been experiencing chronic and even acute illness
and which called for foreign medical treatment.
The Imani paternity is proud for having worked with you in her endeavor to transform the
lives of different people; I wish to extrapolate my sincere heart felt gratitude for the
continued support you have accorded us. We have been able to make a difference in the
lives of many children and families through you.

Yours sincerely
Faith Wanjiru
Director-Imani Children’s Home