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Imani rehabilitation agency is a nonprofit organization with its headquarters in kayole slums of Nairobi. The organization was founded in 1992 and contributes to the society by providing a stepping stone for abandoned, neglected, lost, orphaned and abused children. Despite the harsh realities we face in our Kenyan society, Imani which means faith in Kiswahili, works towards the vision of creating a society which all children will be able to live a dignified existence while growing up with equal and access to future opportunities in life. To achieve the latter we focus on intensive parental care, good medical care and education, to rehabilitate the children before we reintegrate them back to the society having been equipped with ample life management skills.

To optimally intervene on the five categories of children we work for we have six programmes which cater for their specific needs.


This marks end of the year 2011. Although this would just be a fraction of the nineteen years that we have been working with children, we indeed felt the sweetness of the fruits of our toil. We may not have attained our actualization yet, but by welcoming on board two of the children who grew up in Imani take up managerial positions was a moment of pride to the entire fraternity.

Indeed, this has been a time for us to look back and focus more on the future so as to reinforce the services we give to children in need of care and protection.

Events graced our year where got to hold an annual prize giving day for the children, an annual thanksgiving with the community around us for their support and a wedding planning event for two of our children who shall be getting married in the year 2012.

We also shared our bundles of joy with other parents on the 15th of October 2011 when we officially handed over nine of our children to their adoptive parents at an emotional ceremony in Imani B.

We being laid on a Christian foundation, celebrated Christmas in Imani B where we enjoyed a good time with visiting friends